The benefits of iyengar yoga

Yoga for you

Yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (awareness of the breath) aim to reach all the muscles, nerves and glands of the body and promote physical and mental health.
  • Alleviating aches and pains, especially lower backache
  • Augmenting memory, focus, concentration and balance
  • Decreasing stress, depression, anxiety and emotional problems
  • Delaying the ageing process
  • Helping in weight loss
  • Improving the circulation of blood and oxygen all over the body
  • Increasing strength, stamina, immunity, awareness and flexibility
  • Lowering the risks of heart disease
  • Promoting better sleep, moods and appetite
  • Reducing respiratory problems by improving respiratory function

The props used in Iyengar yoga

can offer added benefits, which include:
  • Aiding faster recovery from an injury
  • Applying less amount of stress on the muscles
  • Improving precision and alignment. “